Kathleen Williams

For years my yoga practice was initially sporadic after my daughter introduced me to the Yoga Loft on Riverside Drive.  At each Loft location I visited since, I have sampled teachers and especially enjoyed Saturday Community Yoga.  I have also participated in Yoga in the park for many years.  Doing Yoga outside with Sarah has been a particularly joyful community get together.

Four years ago, I started taking yoga classes with Cintia.  First, through Clear at Potsdam College, later at the Loft, and now at her own studio in Potsdam. Because of her attention to individual needs and focus on alignment, I have committed to a regular yoga practice. Lower back pain and tight hips had been a recurring complaint. Practicing with Cintia and her use of props to make adjustments has helped me strengthen muscles and relieve pain.

I have recommended Cintia’s classes to many and taken many visitors to Yoga for Everybody.

Jack Koplowitz

It was almost five years ago that I wandered into the Merritt Hall Dance Studio for a yoga class. I was shocked, standing at the open door of a large room with many students, but not one man. Things had changed in the decades since my previous class. Fortunately, it would have been too embarrassing to turn back.

The teacher was Cintia Hongay. By the end of the first class, I was hooked. What had been an optional exercise in my youth was now a necessity in my later years. With aging, I had lost much of my physical agility. With Cintia, I have been on a path to regain mobility and stretch parts of my body that had always lacked flexibility. When her classes end, I walk out with full breaths, feeling taller, aligned, limber, and with renewed energy.

Before attending Cintia’s classes I had been in and out of physical therapy, mostly due to sciatica. Cintia’s classes put a stop to that, with no recurrence in all this time. She has a gentle and effective way of stretching muscles. With each part of the body she spots a student’s level of capability. Using a series of exercises, each taking a small step, but cumulatively there’s a significant increase in one’s ability to stretch.

The sequencing of exercises requires an understanding of the human body. Often, if you ask a good question, out comes her skeleton model for a professorial answer. Her background is that of a research scientist and university professor of biology.

I have been taking Cintia’s classes as part of Potsdam State’s CLEAR program, at the Yoga Loft, and at her studio in Potsdam. They are especially enjoyable. They are also a form of pre-emptive physical therapy keeping ailments from occurring.

To me, Cintia is an essential health provider.

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